Adwaita the turtle was born before Mozart and died in 2006

Adwaita, the turtle, was born before Mozart, before the French Revolution, and his death was announced by CNN. His estimated age was just over 250 years. He died in 2006

Adwaita was reportedly given to Robert Clive (1725–1774) of the East India Company by British seafarers who captured it from Aldabra, an atoll in the Seychelles. This anecdotal report has not been confirmed. The animal was one of four tortoises that resided at Clive’s estate at Barrackpore, in the northern suburbs of Kolkata. Adwaita was transferred to the Alipore Zoo in 1875 or 1876 by Carl Louis Schwendler, the founder of the zoo.[3] Adwaita lived in his enclosure in the zoo until his death on 22 March 2006.


His shell cracked in late 2005, and a wound developed in the flesh underneath the crack. The wound became infected, which eventually led to death from liver failure on 22 March 2006. Adwaita is estimated to have been at least 150 years old at the time of his death.[2] Some estimates suggest the animal may have been at least 250 years old at the time of his death.[2] If this latter estimate can be confirmed, Adwaita would have been the oldest known tortoise of modern times, living longer than Harriet by 80 years, and Tu’i Malila by 67 years.

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