Amazon Rainforest

Norwegian Government donated $1bn to help save the Amazon rainforest.

Using the 2005 rain forest deforestation rates, it was estimated that the Amazon Rain forest would be reduced by 40% in two decades. The rate of deforestation is now slowing; in 2011 deforestation figures were the slowest on record. However, the forest is still shrinking.

Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg announced on September 16, 2008, that the Norwegian Government would donate US $1 billion to the newly established Amazon fund. The money from this fund will go to projects aimed at slowing down the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

New findings show that large parts of the Amazon basin has been open, cultivated land and that the rain forest, far from being pristine is rather a result of man’s activity. This research is still just beginning, but may totally turn over the current perceptions. However, a careless exploiting of Amazonas may ruin all possibilities to study the archeological remnants of this era.