Apes that have been taught sign language have answered our questions

Did you know that apes that have been taught sign language have answered our questions, but no ape has ever asked a question.

Who Asked the First Question? The Origins of Human Choral Singing, Intelligence, Language and Speech is a book on human evolution and the origins of human choral singing. It was written by Joseph Jordania, ethnomusicologist and evolutionary musicologist, Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne. The book was published in 2006 by “Logos”. The book discusses the origins of choral singing, and more broadly, the origins of music and many related issues, including origins of human intelligence, language, speech, etiology and cross-cultural prevalence of stuttering and dyslexia. The book has been used in university courses on music evolution and music universals in Canada, USA, Georgia, Russia, and Australia. The book received the Fumio Koizumi Prize for ethnomusicology in 2009. As a continuation of his 2006 book, in 2011 Jordania published another book, Why do People Sing? Music in Human Evolution which is mostly dedicated to the role of singing in evolution of human morphology and behavior.


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