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Australian martial artist never ate any fruit or vegetables

Anthony Kelly (born 1964) is an Australian martial artist and Guinness World Records holder, Often called the “Arrow Catcher” he caught 13 arrows with in 2 minutes he also caught 43 tennis balls and another 11 while blindfolded he only eats meat and potatoes.

Kelly was said to be Australia’s most successful Guinness World Records holder in 2009, holding 18 titles including the record for the most arrows caught in 2 minutes which he obtained in 2001, catching 10 whilst standing 13 metres from the archer, and the record for the most paintballs caught in two minutes whilst blindfolded which he obtained in 2003, catching 11.

In 2010 Kelly broke the world record for the most tennis balls caught in one minute live on the Guinness World Records television series, Australia Smashes Guinness World Records, catching 43.  That year he also broke the record for most tennis balls caught in one minute whilst blindfolded, catching 11.

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By February 2012 Kelly had obtained 29 world records, and had 3 still pending approval. On ‘Guinness World Records Day’ in November 2012 he obtained the record for the most targets hit by a blowgun in 60 seconds, hitting 23.

In 2014 Kelly obtained the record for the most coach qualifications across multiple sports, being a qualified coach in bagua, association football, kung fu, mixed martial arts, ninjutsu, qigong, rugby union, rugby league, tai chi and tai chi dao.

Kelly was born and raised in Armidale, New South Wales. He states he only eats meat and potatoes, and has never eaten fruit or other vegetables in his life. Kelly attributes his fast reflexes to a combination of genetics and his unusual diet. Kelly teaches kung fu classes at Duval High School in Armidale several days a week.