ancient Roman apartments

Ancient Roman apartments, called insulae

Ancient Roman apartments, called insulae, could reach up to 9 stories, could have running water (fed by nearby aqueducts) and were often owned by the rich and rented out to the poorer roman citizens (from somewhat rich equestrians to pretty poor workers). In Roman architecture, an insula (Latin for “island”, plural insulae) was one of two things: either a kind […]

Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate is the fourth chocolate type and the first new chocolate type in 80 years

Ruby chocolate is a variety of chocolate introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut, a Belgian-Swiss cocoa company. The variety has been in development since 2004. It was unveiled at a private event in Shanghai on 5 September 2017. The chocolate is made from the “ruby cocoa bean”. “Ruby beans” are existing botanical cocoa bean varieties that have been identified as having […]

Rescue dog Barry

A mountain rescue dog in Switzerland, saved more than 40 lives of stranded people

A mountain rescue dog Barry der Menschenretter (1800–1814), also known as Barry, was a dog of a breed which was later called the St. Bernard that worked as a mountain rescue dogin Switzerland for the Great St Bernard Hospice. He predates the modern St. Bernard, and was lighter built than the modern breed. He has been described as the most famous St. […]