An elephant weighs less than a blue whale's tongue

An elephant weighs less than a blue whale’s tongue

An elephant weighs less than a blue whale’s tongueThe title lyric of the old Billie Holiday standard asks the question “Am I Blue”? if you’re a Blue whale, the largest creature ever to inhabit the earth, the answer is…sometimes. Blue whales only appear true blue under water, grayish on the surface. “Huh?,”” you ask, “what’s this all about?” Well, just after our editorial meeting this morning, someone, out of the blue, blurted out “Real fact” #768 from his Snapple bottle cap (diet lemonade for the record). “Most elephants,” said the cap, “weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.” We all gasped, that can’t be. “How can a whale’s tongue be bigger than an elephant (which can weigh as much as 14,000 pounds)”? The answer — it is. A little research uncovered some astounding facts about this amazing animal.

Baby blues gain about 200 pounds a day mostly on mother’s milk after mom puts away more than 4 tons of krill(tiny shrimp) a day.  A Blue’s tongue could support 50 humans (although that might pose some serious logistical challenges). A Blue whale’s arteries are wide enough for one small human to crawl though.  A Blue’s heart is bigger than a car.”

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