62% of men on Bougainville island have raped

A 2013 United Nations survey found that 62% of men on Bougainville island have at least once raped a woman or girl, with 41% of the men reported having raped a non-partner while 14% reported having committed gang rape. Additionally, the survey also found that 8% of the men had also raped other men

Popular culture

Bougainville and its 1990s struggle for independence is the setting for the 2006 novel Mister Pip, by New Zealand author Lloyd Jones. Evergreen Island (2000), a film by Australian documentary filmmakers Amanda King and Fabio Cavadini of Frontyard Films, showed the ingenuity with which the Bougainvillean people survived for almost a decade without trade or contact with the outside world. A documentary about the struggle of the indigenous population to save their island from environmental destruction and gain independence was made in 1999, called The Coconut Revolution. Bougainville – Our Island Our Fight was a 1998 film by director Wayne Coles-Janess. It featured footage of the war from behind the blockade.