Canada Post receives millions of letters to Santa each year

Did you know that Canada Post receives millions of letters to Santa each year and have 15,000 employees respond to every single one.

“Canada Post receives millions of letters addressed to Santa Claus each year, with a special dedicated postal code, H0H 0H0. About 15,000 current and retired Canada Post employees respond to each letter received on behalf of Santa in many languages.

Over the past 27 years more than 15 million letters were written by Canada Post volunteers.
In 2001 emails to Santa started being accepted. More than 44,000 emails were responded to in 2006.
In 1974 three Canada Post employees started to respond to mail addressed to Santa in Montreal, Quebec. In 1982, Canada Post rolled out the initiative across Canada and pledged that every letter sent in would be replied to.

It is not required to put on a stamp when sending a letter to Santa Claus but Canada Post gives a donation for alphabetisation. Canada Post also receives letters to God and on occasion, the Easter Bunny. These are answered as well. The first Santa letter to arrive at The London (Ontario) Mail Processing Plant (LMPP) for the 2009 Holiday Season was Wednesday June 3, 2009”

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