Josip Broz Tito

Josip Broz Tito funeral

The funeral of Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia, was held on 8 May 1980, four days after his death on 4 May. His funeral drew many world statesmen, both of non-aligned and aligned countries. Based on the number of attending politicians and state delegations, it is still regarded as the largest state funeral in […]


There is a berry named Pineberry

It is claimed by Vital Berry that pineberries are “the oldest strawberry variety”, but they are a modern hybrid. White strawberries were endangered in the wild in South America. In 2003 Dutch farmers bred white strawberries from Southern Europe with red berry cultivars to create a hardy, prolific white hybrid. The pineberry was sold commercially […]

Ralph Nader

GM tried to discredit Ralph Nader

GM tried to discredit Ralph Nader, hiring private detectives to tap his phones and investigate his past, and hired prostitutes to trap him in compromising situations. Nader sued GM and settled the case for $425,000. He used the money to start the pro-consumer Center for Study of Responsive Law. Ralph Nader is an American political […]

Quantum immortality

Quantum suicide and immortality

A theory known as “Quantum Immortality“, in which the mind will always transport itself to alternate realities where it survives otherwise fatal events. In quantum mechanics, quantum suicide is a thought experiment, originally published independently by Hans Moravec in 1987 and Bruno Marchal in 1988, and independently developed further by Max Tegmark in 1998. It attempts to distinguish between the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics […]