GoTenna lets smartphones send texts without cell phone service

So are you in the middle of no were  without cell phone service nor wifi ? goTenna resolves your problems now.

The goTenna is battery-powered device, which is about the size and shape of a slim remote control, connects to Apple and Android smartphones using Bluetooth. An app paired with the device allows users to transmit encrypted text messages via long-range radio signals directly to other users with the device, without passing through a central network.

Jorge and Daniela Perdomo

The company was founded by a Jorge Perdomo and his sister Daniela Perdomo, inspired by Jorge’s frustration at being unable to connect with friends at crowded music festivals and Daniela’s own experiences during Hurricane Sandy. (goTenna)

The company says at an elevation of 10 metres, the range of the device in the city is about two kilometres. At an elevation of 150 metres, its range can be up to 40 kilometres in the city and double that in more open areas such as wilderness.

In a blog post, Daniela Perdomo said she envisions goTenna being used not just during natural disasters but:

In crowded places such as marathon finish lines and music festivals, where cellphone towers are swamped and disabled by too many users.
During hikes to remote places off the grid.
While travelling, to avoid roaming costs.
We didn’t quite set out to build goTenna. It was more that no one else had built something like it yet, and we wanted it to exist. This all goes back to early fall 2012 Read full Blog now

it costs 299$ for two on special offers it costs 150$ now on its official website: