A Croatian general held off Ottoman army of 150000 soldiers with 800

A Croatian general held off Ottoman army of 150000 soldiers with 800

Did you know that a Croatian general held off an Ottoman army of 150,000 soldiers, with 800 Croat soldiers. Thus saving Vienna.

In 1532, Captain Nikola Jurišić defended the small border fort of Kőszeg (Kingdom of Hungary) with only 700-800 Croatian soldiers with no cannons and few guns, preventing the advance of the Turkish army of 120,000-140,000 toward Vienna.

There are two legendary versions of that battle.

In one version, after Suleiman I led an army of 140,000 towards Vienna, Nikola Jurisic and his 800 soldiers responded to the calls of the Habsburg Emperor to defend the city. While passing through western Hungary they saw helpless women and children in the small fort of Koszeg, and decided to defend it. The fort was on the route to Vienna, so Suleiman II attacked it, and after three days of fighting Jurisic wrote: “…I and 89 of my knights are tired and low on supplies. If we hold another day it will be a miracle…” Before the final charge women and children prayed to Saint Martin for two hours, and the final battle started. After ten minutes of battle the Turks retreated, and reported they saw a flaming knight with flaming sword.

In the second version, the city was offered terms for a nominal surrender. The only Ottomans who would be allowed to enter the castle would be a token force who would raise the Turkish flag. Suleiman withdrew at the arrival of the August rains and did not continue towards Vienna as previously planned, but homeward. He had been delayed nearly four weeks, and during this time a powerful army had been collected in Vienna, which the sultan had not the intention to face. By their heroism, Nikola Jurišić and his men had saved Vienna from a siege.

In 1538, the king made him the supreme army commander of the armed forces defending the borders. He spent the last years of his life as a secret adviser at the court in Vienna.

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