14 year old Chinese girl attempted suicide to save her dying father

Did you know that a 14 year old Chinese girl attempted suicide so that she could save the life of her dying father by donating her liver to him.

“The story of Chen Jin, who lay in critical condition for almost two weeks after attempting to sacrifice herself for her parent, has touched hearts across the country. Donations have flooded in to pay the family’s huge medical bills and well-wishers have even offered to give the father their own livers.

Today the hospital in Nanjing, eastern Jiangsu province, announced that her life was out of danger. But it added that a transplant could not save her terminally ill father.

“”She loves her dad more than herself,”” said the teenager’s mother, who said her husband had been diagnosed with liver cancer in December and told that he had only three months to live.

The couple decided to keep the news from their daughter for as long as possible. But after Jin came across a medical letter last month explaining the extent of her father’s condition she waited until her mother was at the hospital and then attempted to kill herself.”

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