Elephant Rhinoceros Hippopotamus Sloth cannot jump

Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump by jumping we necessarily mean the state of having no feet on the surface at the same time after moving oneself from a fixed position. But opposite to the popular myth that it is the only mammal that can’t, it is joined by a few others. Firstly, the sloth is incapable to jump which suits its lazy way of living fairly well. Also, rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses also cannot jump, though unlike elephants, when they run it is possible for them to have all four feet off the ground.


The only animal that cannot jump, excluding mollusks, crustaceans, arachnids, etc, is the  Rockhopper Penguin, native to the southernmost regions of Argentina. Unlike other species of penguins native to Antarctica, such as the White-flippered Penguin or Emperor Penguin, the Rockhopper in nonmigratory. While females of the other species must travel Hippopotamus_-_04miles inland during the warmer months to lay their eggs, then return to sea to feed, the Rockhopper is not affected by the severe seasonal climate changes of the Antarctic. This flightless bird remains in its rocky habitat rhinoceros-8775year-round, and therefore has lost through evolution the maneuvering capabilities on land as other penguin species. Due to the unique construction of their legs and feet, the muscles and tendons render them physically unable to jump.