A Flying Squid that can observe to cover distances as long as 50 m

Did you know that there is a “Flying Squid” that has “been observed to cover distances as long as 50 m above the surface of the water uniquely utilizing jet-propelled aerial locomotion.”

“Adult squid have several distinguishing features. The mantle encloses the visceral mass of the squid, and has two fins, which are not the primary method of propulsion. Instead, the squid has a siphon, a muscle which takes in water from one side, and pushes it out the other side: jet propulsion. The squid has eight arms and two tentacles with suction cups along the backs. In between the arms sits the mouth, or beak. Inside the mouth is a tooth-tongue-like appendage called the radula. Squid have ink sacs, which they use as a defense mechanism against possible predators. Squid also have three hearts.[2]
The age of a squid can be determined on the basis of its growth rings, or statoliths, when additions are appended daily to the balance organs in the back of the squid’s head. This species of squid can weigh up to 0.5 kg. Mantle length in females can go up to 50 cm; males are smaller”


read more on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_Flying_Squid