Google green

Google green Google is going all green

 Google green announced Monday that it is acquiring home energy management startup Nest Labs, Inc. for $3.2 billion.

At Google, a clean energy future means investing in innovative, large-scale energy projects we believe can become major power sources for the future. To date, Google has committed over $1 billion to wind and solar projects that build a better future while also generating attractive financial returns.

SunPower: investing in residential solar

Panhandle 2 Wind Farm: financing wind in Texas

Recurrent Energy: solar facilities in California and Arizona

Mount Signal Solar: financing solar in California

Jasper Power Project: Investing in South African solar

Spinning Spur Wind Farm: Investing in West Texas wind

Rippey Wind Farm: Financing wind power in Iowa

 Google green

Recurrent Energy: Large-scale solar PV projects in California

Clean Power Finance: Financing for rooftop solar

SolarCity: Solar for thousands of residential rooftops

BrightSource: Concentrated solar power at scale

Atlantic Wind Connection: A superhighway for clean energy transmission

Alta Wind Energy Center: Harnessing the winds of the Mojave

Shepherd’s Flat: One of the world’s largest wind farms

Peace Garden wind farms: More financing for wind

Photovoltaics in Germany: Clean energy overseas