Interesting facts about Coffee

Interesting facts about Coffee

  • Discovering: One day, a man with their Goat herd went into the fields. There, he surprised when he saw Goats were enjoying cherries form coffee tree. Then, he thought to try on himself.
  •  it is the second most sold commodity around the world. after Oil (fuel)
  •  New York inhabitants consume 7 times more coffee than people from any other US city
  • Dont drink more then 100 cups a day as it can kill you if the amount exceeds the safety limit

Interesting facts about Coffee

  • There are about fifty different species of coffee. In different parts of the world, these beans are grown naturally.


  • scientists are researching on other use of those beans. Some researches revealed that those beans may replace fossil fuel and work in motor engines in next centuries.


  • the light roasted coffee beans contains more caffeine then the Dark roasted.

Interesting facts about Coffee

  • Africa, Brazil, and Colombia produce more than 40 percent in the world. 


  • Once a coffee-lover made a world record of consuming it. He drank 82 cups  (about a gallon) in 7 consecutive hours.

Interesting facts about Coffee

  • During world war II, the soldiers used to compete against each other to secure the top coffee consumer’s position. US marine reported that the record was 20 cups a day.
  • According to data estimated, an average worker of US spent more than 1000 $ on coffee per year.
  • Kopi Luwak is excreted by a Sumatran species of wild cats. This refers to the most expensive coffee in the whole world. You will have to pay $100 to buy 4 oz of it.


  • In the sixteenth century, Muslim rulers banned it due to it’s nervous effects. it has been banned 3 times in 3 regions after it became a popular drink around the globe.


  • In most of Middle eastern countries like (Lebanon, Syria) , Greece and Armenia , it is a part of their ancient culture. Still, they welcome their guests with coffee as a welcome drink. Now, about 65 percent Americans drink it with breakfast.

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