James Woods

James Woods Hijacking Attempt before 9/11

In late August 2001 James Woods was on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. On the flight he noticed four men near him acting suspiciously. He said that they never drank anything, ordered food service or talked to anybody. They were just whispering to each other. Woods reported his suspicions to the co-pilot in flight, and he claimed that those concerns were passed on to the FAA. On the evening of September 11, Woods called the FBI and repeated his concerns, who interviewed him at his home the next morning. Woods believed that he had encountered four of the nineteen

terrorists/hijackers that were just on the flight to study it in preparation for the attacks. Woods has been interviewed several times by FBI agents regarding this incident. Woods has confirmed that he looked at pictures of the hijackers and has identified two terrorists as being among the men that he had seen on his flight