95.2% of all super computers run on Linux

95.2% of all super computers run on Linux

The usage share of operating systems is the percentage market share of the operating systems used in computers. Different categories of computers use a wide variety of operating systems, so the total usage share varies enormously from one category to another.

In certain categories, one family of operating systems dominates, for example, most desktop and laptop computers use Microsoft Windows, while most supercomputers use Linux. In other categories, such as smartphones and servers, there is more diversity and competition.

Data about operating system share is difficult to obtain, since in most of the categories below there are no reliable primary sources or agreed methodologies for its collection. Data for both mobile and desktop operating systems can be seen on the right, using information from Net Applications.

The TOP500 project lists and ranks the 500 fastest supercomputers that benchmark results are submitted for. It then publishes the collected data twice a year. The June 2013 figures are below.

Source Date Linux Unix Mixed Microsoft Windows BSD based
TOP500 June 2013 95.2% 3.2% 0.8% 0.6% 0.2%.