The two biggest money losing movies in history were produced by Disney

The two biggest money losing movies in history were both produced by Disney for a total loss of $336 million

“1. John Carter (2012)

1. John Carter (2012)
The omens for Andrew Stanton’s Mars-set epic John Carter weren’t good – perhaps conscious of Mars Needs Moms’ failure, Disney dropped the red planet from the title, but couldn’t stop reports of a ballooning $250 million budget. Critical response was middling and audience response wasn’t much better, leading Disney to put out a statement: “”We expect the film to generate an operating loss money of approximately $200 million””. And they didn’t even wait for it to leave cinemas first.

2. Mars Needs Moms (2011)


Animated space adventure Mars Needs Moms would be Disney’s biggest financial failure ever, if it wasn’t for the new entry at #1. Its miniscule $6.8m opening weekend in the USA consigned Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers Digital special effects house to the scrapheap. When Avatar does motion-capture, it makes $2 billion. When Robert Zemeckis does it…

3. Sahara (2005)

 Sahara (2005)
Easygoing bongo wizard Matthew McConaughey seemingly breezes through life – a romcom here, a legal drama there – but even he must wake up screaming when thinking about Sahara. By all accounts, it’s not a bad movie, but its stonking $241 million budget was frittered away shooting in the desert. Even the book’s author, Clive Cussler, was unhappy and successfully sued the filmmakers.”