Interesting NFL facts 78% of NFL players are bankrupt after 2 years

Interesting NFL facts 78% of NFL players are bankrupt

  1. 78% of NFL players are bankrupt just two years after finishing their careers!
  2. The longest field goal in NFL history was kicked by a man who had only half a foot!
  3. NFL cheerleaders only make $50 a game!
  4. During a typical NFL game, the ball is only in play for 11 minutes!
  5. When former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner dines out with his family, he always anonymously picks up the bill for one other table.
  6. Deion Sanders is the only person to hit an MLB home run and NFL touchdown in the same week. He’s also the only person to play in the World Series and the Super Bowl.
  7. Rice accounted for 13.4 miles of total offense in his career. That’s 23,450 yards and 70,350 feet and 844,200 inches. That’s almost like running a half marathon.
  8. The American Sports industry is worth $422 billion and employs 1% of the population!
  9. Brett Favre threw for a record 71,848 yards in his 20 year career. That’s 40.8 miles of passes. Favre basically threw the ball from Green Bay to Manitowoc in his career.
  10. Warren Moon played six years with the Edmonton Eskimos before joining the Houston Oilers in 1984. Just imagine if he had played his entire career in the NFL.
  11. About 600 cows are used to manufacture a full season’s worth of NFL footballs.
  12. The NFL scores forfeits 2-0
  13. While playing for the BC Lions of the CFL in 1991, Doug Flutie threw for 6,619 yards. Even though they play 18 games a season that number is still impressive. They don’t really run the ball very much in the CFL since you only get three downs instead of four.
  14. In 2012 NFL QBS threw for 118,418 yards, that’s 67.28 miles. While there was 177,767 total yards offense that equals out to 100 miles. That’s a lot of miles.
  15. The Baltimore Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”
  16. For over a decade, players that were featured on the cover of the Madden NFL video games were ‘cursed’ with a serious injury or a dramatic reduction in performance during the following season.
  17. Restaurants can’t turn on the volume if sports are playing on the TV!
  18. It was created in an automobile showroom
  19. The origin and meaning of the 25 stars on the NFL’s logo are unknown
  20. No TV broadcast tapes of the first Super Bowl are known to exist
  21. The huddle formation used in football came from deaf football players.
  22. The Redskins were the NFL’s last segregated team