Interesting facts about Norway

Interesting facts about Norway

Although Finland has been named “land of 1000 lakes”, Norway’s numerous lakes does in fact far exceed Finland’s. About 450,000 lakes in Norway are identified, compared to a only 60,000 lakes in Finland!

Food stores are not allowed to stay open on Sundays, but petrol stations and kiosks selling groceries are.

Most Norwegians think it is odd when someone start talking or smiling to them on the bus.

One of the most popular cheeses in Norway is brown

The original cheese slicer (“ostehøvel”) was invented and patented by Bjørklund, a Norwegian carpenter, in 1925?

The Internet web browser Opera is Norwegian

It’s illegal in Norway to buy sex, but not to sell sex. That means that a female prostitute will not be prosecuted for selling sex, but a male customer will.

The Norwegian national football team is one of the few teams to have never lost against Brazil? Two victories and one draw is our record against the five times World Champions.

Although it is one of the top oil exporters in the world, Norway is one of the countries with the highest petrol price.

Interesting facts about Norway

Norway observes a drinking tradition, wherein people drink to their hearts’ content on Fridays and Saturdays. This is aptly called helgefylla or “weekend binge drinking.”

DUI offenders have to go to jail.
People that are caught driving under the influence are sent to jail for 30 days, have their driver license taken away from them and have to cough up a hefty fine of 10 percent of their annual income. They are allowed to get a new licence after a year, provided they pass the propper tests and exams which in some cases will knock them back another US$ 5000 – 7000.

Interesting facts about Norway

Most Norwegians love to talk about Norway to foreigners, and anyone who don’t agree with them that Norway is a beautiful country are considered to be either weird or slow or a combination of both.

Norwegians love telling Swedish jokes
Norway used to be under Swedish rule, and the Swedes are by many Norwegians viewed as the ‘impolite’ big brother that always thinks he knows best. The Swedes on the other hand sees Norway as the dimwitted little brother. As a result a rivalry has developed between the two Scandinavian nations. For Norwegians this involves ridiculing Swedes in jokes, celebrating when Sweden looses a football match, fails to win any gold medals in the winter Olympics, and most importantly, celebrate when Norway beats the Swedes in the annual Euro vision song contest.

TV Licence.
People that own a TV have to pay a yearly licence fee of approximately US$ 300.00. Failure to pay this fee will result in a hefty fine.