Reddit is worth an estimated $3,205,000,000

Reddit is worth an estimated $3,205,000,000

Reddit is a public information and enjoyment website where customers publish material by means of either a weblink or a written text (“self”) publish. Other customers then elect the distribution “up” or “down”, which is used to position the publish and determine its position on the website’s webpages and webpage. Stumbleupon is based in San Francisco, Florida. Content records are structured by places of attention known as “subreddits”.

was established by Bob Huffman and Alexis Ohanian. It was obtained by Condé Nast Guides in Oct 2006. It was originally booming by bogus customers and material.[4][5] In Sept 2011, Stumbleupon was divided from Condé Nast, and now functions as a additional of Condé Nast’s mother or father organization, Enhance Guides.

Reddit is worth an approximated $3,205,000,000


The website is a selection of records posted by its customers, basically a message board program. The records are structured into places of attention known as “subreddits”. Traditionally, the webpage was the primary subreddit, and other places were “subreddits”. There is now no primary subreddit.

Registered customers, especially those who publish new records, or publish reviews to records, are known as “redditors”, a portmanteau of “reddit editor”. Stumbleupon itself is a portmanteau of “read/edit” and of “read it”, i.e., “I study it on Reddit”.

Reddit is worth an estimated $3,205,000,000

As syndication publish to the website, redditors can elect for or against them (upvote/downvote). Each reddit has a webpage that shows more recent syndication that have been ranked extremely. Redditors can also publish reviews about the distribution, and react back and forth in a discussion shrub of comments; material themselves can also be upvoted and downvoted.


Redditors honor their “cake day” once a season. This is the birthday of the day they first signed up with reddit. The exact date and duration of a redditor’s dessert day can be discovered on the user summary web page by moving over enough time frame the website schedules the redditor has been a member.

The webpage of Stumbleupon shows webpage material from selected subreddits. There is a standard set, but customers can personalize their set.

Redditors can “friend” one another, which gives a redditor fast access to publishing and reviews of their buddy list.

Postings are typically a weblink to an exterior resource, with a headline provided by the redditor who published it. Some redditors use the website as a personal save selection. Others, depending on the size and activity of Stumbleupon, and on the audience procured scores of hyperlinks, use it as a information aggregator.

Reddit is worth an estimated $3,205,000,000

Reddit also allows posts that do not weblink on the outside. These are known as “self posts” or “text submissions”. Stumbleupon motivates hyperlinks over written text syndication, by allowing redditors to obtain points (“karma”) for well liked hyperlinks, but not for self-posts. Redditors also acquire seo for well liked reviews, on material of both kinds.

The leaving comments program and buddy program, along with a certain “Reddit ethos” (called reddiquette on Reddit), offer Stumbleupon aspects of a network, though not to the level of Facebook or myspace, Google+, and other websites targeted at public media.

Front web pagerank, for both the general webpage and for individual subreddits, is determined by the age of the distribution, positive (“upvoted”) to negative (“downvoted”) reviews rate and the total elect count.[6] A multitude of syndication pattern through these front side webpages daily.


Reddit is worth an estimated $3,205,000,000

Mister Splashy Trousers company logo used on Nov 27, 2007

As of This summer 2013, comments on the website is particularly active, with several areas generating thousands of reviews per day.[7]

The Stumbleupon community has been known to hang out at regional recreational areas and cafes around the world,[8] and there are many localized subreddits for regional conferences.


In This summer 2005,[26] Stumbleupon was established in Medford, Boston by Bob Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, both 22-year-old graduate students of the School of Va.[27] It received its initial financing from Y Combinator. The group extended to consist of Captain christopher Slowe in Nov 2005. Between Nov 2005 and Jan 2006 Stumbleupon combined with Aaron Swartz’s organization Infogami, and Swartz became an equal proprietor of the causing mother or father organization, Not A Bug.[28][29] Condé Nast Guides, proprietor of Wired, obtained Stumbleupon on Oct 31, 2006, and the group shifted to San Francisco.[30] In Jan 2007, Swartz was shot.[31]

On This summer 18, 2008, Stumbleupon became an free project.[32] Apart from the anti-spam/cheating sections, all of the code and collections written for Stumbleupon became easily available on Github.[33]

By the end of 2008, the group had grown to consist of Erik Martin, Jeremy Edberg,[34] Bob Master,[35] and Scott Schiraldi.[36] During 2009, Huffman and Ohanian shifted on to type Hipmunk, hiring Slowe[37] and King[38] soon thereafter.

In This summer 2010, after intense traffic growth, Stumbleupon presented Stumbleupon Silver, offering new features for a price of US$3.99/month or US$29.99/year.[39] The revenue and attention got them acceptance to buy more web servers and employ more people.[citation needed]

On Sept 6, 2011, Stumbleupon became operationally individual of Condé Nast, now operating as a individual additional of its mother or father organization, Enhance Guides.[40]

On Jan 11, 2012, Stumbleupon declared that it would be playing a 12-hour sitewide darkening in demonstration of the Stop Online Piracy Act.[41] The darkening happened on Jan 18 and coincided with the power shutdowns of Wikipedia and several other Online qualities. In May 2012, Stumbleupon signed up with the Online Defense Group, a group established to arrange future demonstrations.[42]

On Feb 14, 2013, Stumbleupon began recognizing the digital currency bitcoin for its Stumbleupon Silver registration service through a collaboration with bitcoin payment processer Coinbase.[43]

In 2013, was respected at more than $3 billion dollars (US)