Robin Williams son advised him to name his daughter Zelda

Robin Williams son’s advised him to name his daughter Zelda

Robin Williams has explained why he named his daughter after the princess in Legend Of Zelda.Last week Zelda Williams said she was “”really happy”” to be named after Zelda and now her Oscar-winning actor father has revealed that it was actually his son who chose the name.””It seemed only natural. When my wife was pregnant, my son Zachary mentioned that Zelda would be the perfect name for his new little sister.

You see, Zachary – like his father and mother – enjoyed playing the original Legend Of Zeldagame back in 1987.””Hours on hours would go by and we’d become completely immersed in the epic adventure,”” Williams explained. “”My favourite part was solving the puzzles. I loved exploring every room to find secret passages and hidden objects. I vividly remember the sound the doors would make when they opened.””Williams doesn’t regret his decision to name his daughter after a videogame. “”Zelda… What a great name… it’s magical, like she is!””As for Zelda Williams herself, she loves “”the fact that I am named after a princess”” and is a big fans of the series.””I finished nearly all the Zelda games… my best memory of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was definitely playing with the bow and arrow. I was an archer at the time and still love archery so it was really fun to use it in the fantasy world.””That and Epona… I also rode horses at the time, and I loved the idea of calling a horse with a musical instrument.””However, her favourite game is Majora’s Mask.What’s your favourite Zelda game?”