Saturn has a moon called Mimus it look look like the Death Star

Saturn has a moon called Mimus and it has a crater in it that makes it look look like the Death Star Mimas is a moon of Saturn which was discovered in 1789 by William Herschel It is named after Mimas, a son of Gaia in Greek mythology, and is also designated Saturn I.

With a diameter of 396 kilometres (246 mi) it is the twentieth-largest moon in the Solar System and is the smallest astronomical body that is known to be rounded in shape because of self-gravitation.

Unusual resemblances

When seen from certain angles, Mimas resembles the Death Star, a fictional space station known from the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which is said to be roughly 140 kilometres in diameter. This stems from the fact that Herschel resembles the concave disc of the Death Star’s “superlaser”. This is coincidental, as the film was made nearly three years before Herschel was discovered.

In 2010, NASA revealed a temperature map of Mimas, using images obtained by Cassini. The warmest regions, which are along one edge of Mimas, create a shape similar to the video game character Pac-Man, with Herschel Crater assuming the role of an “edible dot” or “power pellet” known from Pac-Man gameplay.