Shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle brine called Pickleback

A pickleback is a type of shot wherein a shot of whiskey is chased by a shot of pickle brine. The pickle brine works to neutralize both the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol. The Pickleback is sometimes also called a Piskey

The “pickleback” has spread internationally with many bars now offering picklebacks on their menus. The drink has had significant success in Aberdeen, Scotland thanks to their reputed popularity amongst staff of the craft brewer BrewDog whose Flagship bar is in the city. This has resulted in city establishment “The Tippling House” having to increase their nightly supply of pickle brine to ensure that the drink can stay available. Several British visitors have returned to the United Kingdom from New York City (where the drink enjoys significant popularity) with the recipe, introducing it to bars in both London and Devon.

In 2012, Minister of Brine, the Rev Byron Knight created Pickleback – the UK’s first pickleback shot – using his own homegrown dill pickles and a flavour profile of ginger, mustard seeds, dill, garlic and dark sugar.


The Rivington Grill in Shoreditch, London, developed a variation of the Pickleback in February 2014, replacing dill pickle brine with a mixture of olive brine and a drop of pickled onion vinegar. A group of New York residents voted the London Pickleback a success.

At The Burlington Hotel, in Sheringham, England, the Pickleback is available with 10 varieties of pickle chaser, including pickled Strawberry, Radish and Garlic. Callum Ringer of the Burlington is said to be the father of these particular types of Pickleback.

The drink has also spread to Canada where it is consumed at events such as parties and bat mitzvahs. In 2013, American expats in Shanghai founded the “Shanghai Pickleback Co.” through which they take over bars and events across town to serve shots.