Google and Samsung

Google and Samsung partnership may change because of smartwatch

The Information and facts is that Google CEO Larry Page confronted Samsung last week over its final decision to invest much more in its Gear 2 and Gear Fit smartwatch than the Android Wear-packing Gear Live.

Iit’s clear that Google wants its biggest hardware partner to devote more attention to its Android-based platform. Reportedly, Google had even wanted Samsung to avoid dipping into wrist-worn technology until Android Wear was ready.

As we know now, the Samsung didn’t exactly respect that request — instead, it released the Galaxy Gear (initially using a heavily customized Android) and quickly threw most of its energy into add-ons running Tizen and other platforms.

Google and Samsung
Neither corporation has mentioned on the difference of opinion. However, a discard over wearables isn’t completely surprising. Google is trying to control manufacturers in by demanding that they use its stock user interface on Android Wear products; that’s not going to please Samsung, which has spent a lot of time customizing Android in an attempt to stay out. The Gear Live’s very existence indicates that Samsung is being somewhat accommodating.

If the leak is accurate, though, Google may not be truly happy unless that device takes center stage in Samsung’s lineup.