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The Swedish soft drink Julmust is so popular during the holidays

The Swedish soft drink Julmust is so popular during the holidays that the it often causes Coca-Cola consumption to drop by 50%

Julmust (Swedish: jul “Christmas” and must “not yet fermented juice of fruit of berries”) is a soft drink that is mainly consumed in Sweden around Christmas. During the rest of the year it is usually quite difficult to find in stores, but sometimes it is sold at other times of the year under the name must. At Easter the name is påskmust.

The content is the same regardless of the marketing name, although the length of time it is stored before bottling differs; however, the beverage is more closely associated with Christmas, somewhat less with Easter and traditionally not at all with the summer. 45 million litres of julmust are consumed during December, which is around 50% of the total soft drink volume in December and 75% of the total yearly must sales.

Must was created by Harry Roberts and his father Robert Roberts in 1910 as a non-alcoholic alternative to beer. The syrup is still made exclusively by Roberts AB in Örebro. The syrup is sold to different soft drink manufacturers that then make the final product in their own way. This means that the must from two different companies doesn’t taste the same, even though they are made of the same syrup.