Sabre tooth squirrel featured in the 2002 film Ice Age was fictional

The new species—named Cronopio dentiacutus for its restricted nose and long teeth was something like 8 to 9 inches (20 to 23 centimeters) in length and likely utilized its pointy teeth to chase and consume creepy crawlies.

The second most established warm blooded animal skull ever recouped from South America, C. dentiacutus existed when dinosaurs still wandered Earth giving a tempting flash into the historical backdrop of promptly warm blooded creatures, specialists say.

Scientistss discovered for the most part complete skull in 2002 outside a country town in northern Argentina. At the time, on the other hand, the skull was for the most part hidden in rock, and it remained fiction.

“At the point when the movie Ice Age turned out, we thought the squirrel character in it looked ludicrous, however then we discovered something like it,” said study pioneer Guillermo Rougier, a scientist at the University of Louisville in K