See how Warner Bros kept Clooney’s return to ER a secret from NBC

Warner Bros. Television, the studio which produces ER for NBC, kept Dr. Ross’s cameo in “Such Sweet Sorrow” a secret from NBC, which promoted the episode as Carol Hathaway’s goodbye, with no mention of Dr. Ross’ appearance. The original version of “Such Sweet Sorrow” that Warner Bros. sent to NBC ended after the scene where […]


FCC commissioner was hired by Comcast after merger of Comcast and NBC

After nearly nine months of negotiations, Comcast, the United States’ largest cable operator, announced an agreement on December 3, 2009 to acquire NBCUniversal from General Electric. The deal valued NBCUniversal at around $30 billion. This agreement creates a joint agreement, with Comcast owning 51 percent and General Electric owning 49 percent. Comcast will contribute its […]