upside down

The Boat was hung upside down for 47 days in the Museum of Modern Art

Le Bateau (“The Boat”) is a paper-cut from 1953 by Henri Matisse. The picture is composed from pieces of paper cut out of sheets painted with gouache, and was created during the last years of Matisse’s life. Le Bateau caused a minor stir when the Museum of Modern Art, New York, which housed it, hung […]

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa was painted with eyebrows and eyelashes but they disappeared

Aesthetics Mona Lisa, Leonardo used a pyramid design to place the woman simply and calmly in the space of the painting. Her folded hands form the front corner of the pyramid. Her breast, neck and face glow in the same light that models her hands. The light gives the variety of living surfaces an underlying geometry […]

German officer asked picasso about Guernica painting did you do this?

A German Officer asked Picasso “Did you do this”, when he saw a photo of the Guernica painting , a painting about the effects of German Bombardment on the Spanish Town of Guernica, Picasso simply responded “No you did.” Post-exhibition experiences After the Paris Exhibition, the painting went on tour, first to the Scandinavian capitals, then […]