species of snakes

Did you know that there are more than 600 types of snakes

Here are a list of snakes species Adder Berg adder Common adder Death adder Desert death adder Horned adder Long-nosed adder Many-horned adder Mountain adder Mud adder Namaqua dwarf adder Nightingale adder Peringuey’s adder Puff adder African puff adder Rhombic night adder Sand adder Dwarf sand adder Namib dwarf sand adder Water adder Aesculapian snake Anaconda […]


Single drop of Viper venom turning human blood to solid matter

Viper venoms typically contain an abundance of protein-degrading enzymes, called proteases, that produce symptoms such as pain, strong local swelling and necrosis, blood loss from cardiovascular damage complicated by coagulopathy, and disruption of the blood clotting system. Death is usually caused by collapse in blood pressure. This is in contrast to elapid venoms that generally […]