The only japanese passanger of the Titanic Masabumi Hosono survived

Masabumi Hosono is one of titanic survivors who has been called as coward

Masabumi Hosono is one of titanic survivors, who has been called a coward by his fellow countrymen for acting dishonourable and immoral

It’s doubtful that anyone on the Titanic, which had been advertised by the White Star Liner as being “practically unsinkable,” realized at first that the ship had suffered a mortal blow. There were plenty of people on board who didn’t even know the ship had hit anything. Many of those who noticed felt only a slight shudder followed by the sound of the engines coming to a stop. Hosono apparently slept through the entire thing. The first he learned of it was shortly after midnight, 25 or 30 minutes after the collision, when he was awakened by a knock at the door of his second-class cabin and told to put on his life vest. Three times when he tried to make his way to the lifeboats, he was turned away by the ship’s officers, who ordered him to return to the lower levels of the ship. They likely assumed that, as a Japanese person, he must have been traveling in third class, or “steerage.” On his third attempt, Hosono managed to slip past a guard and make his way to the lifeboats.

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