traveling the world

Albert Podell spent 50 years traveling the world and visiting all the countries

How many countries have u visited so far? did you know that 1 man spent 50 years traveling spending $300,000 visiting every country on earth. Along the way he ate mice and live monkey brains, and was almost lynched. He rates each country according to the quality of their toilet paper.

Lessons learned from traveling to 196 countries include what old camel meat tastes like and why toilet paper is the best economic indicator.

It took him 50 years. On the way he was chased by water buffalo, broke a few bones, ate weird foods, and was arrested, robbed, and almost lynched. But he lived to tell the tale in a new book, Around the World in Fifty Years: My Adventure to Every Country on Earth.

Source: How One Man Realized His Dream of Visiting Every Country