There are people who sort through your trash

Did you know that there are people who sort through your trash to analyze household consumption patterns

Garbology, a small niche of archaeology, is the scientific study of trash and the way it reflects upon the lifestyles of a group of people. The concept was first introduced to the world of academics in 1971 by Professor William Rathje of the University of Arizona, and the field has gained popularity in recent decades.

This field has provided the world with startling information relating to the amount of time it takes for refuse to biodegrade and the types of items that are sent to landfills. It has even produced revelations about popular culture in regard to presumed thoughts about the habits of certain groups, including different genders. The study of garbage may be as simple as dissecting the contents of a dumpster, or as involved as excavating a portion of a landfill. The discipline has also caught the eye of many law enforcement and government agencies, many of whom use the practice to help thwart crime by searching for evidence of illegal activity.


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