40% of Americans never moved away from the town they were born in

40% of Americans never moved away from the town they were born in

40% of Americans never moved away from the town they were born in.

Among all respondents to the bench center survey, fifty seven say they need not lived within the U.S. outside their current state: thirty seventh haven’t left their town and 2 hundredth have left their town (or native country) however not lived outside their current state.

The bench survey finds that stayers overpoweringly say they continue to be thanks to family ties and since their hometowns ar sensible places to lift youngsters. Their life circumstances match those explanations. Most stayers say a minimum of [*fr1] a dozen members of their extended families live among associate degree hour’s drive; for four-hundredth, quite ten relatives live near . A majority of stayers additionally cite a sense of happiness as a significant reason for staying place.

Movers ar so much less probably to cite those varieties of ties. Fewer than four-in-ten say a significant reason they affected to their current community must do with family or child-rearing. Most movers have 5 or fewer extended-family members living among associate degree hour’s drive of them, and twenty sixth have none. the foremost well-liked reason that movers select a replacement community, elite by a four hundred and forty yards plurality, is job or business opportunities, in step with the bench survey. concerning a similar share of stayers (40%) cite job or business opportunities as a significant reason for staying, however way more stayers select reasons associated with family and friends.

Movers ar a lot of probably than stayers to mention that it’s probably they’ll move within the next 5 years. however despite those and different variations, equal shares of movers and stayers — concerning six-in-ten — rate their communities overall pretty much as good to glorious.


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