The Next Generation of Gaming Virtual Reality Gaming Suit

Until now, there hasn’t been a way to truly immerse yourself into virtual worlds in a way that allows natural, full-body interaction. PrioVR is changing the game by bringing you and your movements into virtual environments where you can see your body move as you move, manipulate items as if they were right in front of you, and interact as naturally as you do in the real world.

PrioVR uses high-performance inertial sensors to provide 360 degrees of low-latency, real-time motion tracking without the need for cameras, optics, line-of-sight, or large, awkward equipment. All PrioVR needs is you.

PrioVR’s sensors are placed on key points of your body to capture your movements and translate them on-screen in real-time. PrioVR is wireless, allows for multiple simultaneous users, and will work anywhere – indoors or out, in capture spaces of any size.

PrioVR is available in three versions, the Core, the Lite, and the Pro, all of which are wireless and compatible with each other. All suits include two hand-controllers with action buttons, triggers, and joysticks. The joysticks let you easily navigate through large worlds without actually walking, while the trigger supports a familiar shooting experience.