Scandinavian Women are so stereotypically attractive because the

Scandinavian Women are so stereotypically attractive because the

Scandinavian Women are so stereotypically attractive because the vikings didn’t bring back the other ones.

Everyone is biased and everyone’s a critic. According to me, Scandinavian Women are superior in more ways than one.

Granted, there are beautiful women in every country; however, if you take these beauties and compare them to the Scandinavian brand, I think the Scandos would win out. Discovering why/how Scandos are the best is like trying to crack a code, trying to replicate a vaccine for the world’s masses to combat the well-known disease of unattractiveness. Can Scandinavian beauty be replicated in other countries, or is it region specific?

Scandinavian Women are so stereotypically attractive because the

This land of milk and honey – that I’ve had the pleasure of living in for a year and a half – has several factors that affect its women:

 Scandinavian Beauty

Scandinavian Women are in a gene pool of their own. How can this be? Before I propose an answer, let’s pretend we’re 18th century slave traders. Our goal is to make money, so we must bring back the fittest, healthiest, and potentially best working Africans to sell in the new world. They must be healthy enough to survive the transatlantic crossing, to work hard on the plantations their entire lives, and to breed fit offspring to increase the plantation owner’s workforce and wealth.

Scandinavian Women are so stereotypically attractive because the

With Scandinavians we must consider the following “chicken or the egg” example: did Scandinavian Women always have good genes, or did Viking raids affect the gene pool?


Were Scandinavian Women so ugly that it forced the Vikings to go on raids in the first place to search for more good-looking women? Doubt it. They probably had the same ratios of beautiful/ugly women than in other countries.

Vikings were right bastards when they raped, pillaged, and terrorized neighboring countries. One of the spoils of war they brought back to Scandinavia was women. But not just any women, HOT women. They wouldn’t start a family with an ugly wench if they could help it. These guys didn’t want to just settle for anything back home when all they had to do was sail up and down Western Europe’s coastline looking for the fittest birds to take back with them. In today’s world, men eye up women all the time thinking to themselves, I’d like to have that. Vikings didn’t think that, they actually did that.


The reason Scandinavian Women are so beautiful is because the Vikings brought back and bred with the most beautiful women in the world. Essentially, they created a spectacular super race of fit blue-eyed blondes. According to my Swedish friend Dr. Rim, it’s Darwinism at its finest: now that the Scandinavians were fitter than the rest of the world, they didn’t want to lose their edge over other countries; ugly genes simply died out because no one wanted to mate with the unattractive ones.

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